• Can be used for both cold and hot therapies, can be used repeatedly
  • Cold compress -put the pad in the freezer for about 2 hours, take it out and put it in a towel or wrap it in a towel, then you can apply cold
    Keep cold for about 40 minutes
  • Hot compress-soak the pad in 90℃ hot water away from the heat source, wipe it dry after 5 minutes, put it in a pad or wrap it in a towel, and then use it
  • Keep warm for about 30 minutes
  • If you use a microwave oven for heating, put the pad into the microwave oven flat and evenly, and try to use low microwave heating. The recommended heating time is: 450W→1 minute/400W→2 minutes/300W→3 minutes, take out the pad Towel or wrap it in a towel, ready to use

Technical Specifications

  • Product specifications : 25.5×11.5cm
  • Content weight : 315g
  • Material : Non-toxic fiber gel/PE outer bag


  • People with sensitive skin can use a towel or handkerchief to wrap the eye mask when applying ice to avoid discomfort caused by too low temperature
  • Do not soak in boiling hot water
  • If it breaks due to improper use, please do not continue to use
  • If the liquid leaks and wets the skin, please rinse with water; if you feel unwell, consult a doctor immediately