• Explosion-proof safety design
  • The material adopts the surface non-slip design
  • Good recovery, not easy to tear
  • Excellent material, wear-resistant and durable
  • Lightweight and easy to store, easy to carry
  • Effectively assist the stretching and balance of yoga movements, and improve sports safety and comfort
  • Used to support the body to complete specific actions
  • Used to exercise muscle strength and stabilize posture

Technical Specifications

  • Outer box size : 21.5×9.5×27.8cm
  • Product size : 26″ 65cm
  • Content weight : 1.5kg
  • Material : PVC
  • Equipped with air pump, stopper
  • Colour : yellow / blue
  • Maximum load capacity : 150 kg


  • Avoid getting close to sharp objects to reduce damage to the body (cushion) or human body
  • Common sense of explosion-proof design-
    The so-called explosion-proof design is not that it will not break, but if the sphere is destroyed, the sphere will not burst in an instant, but will slowly disappear. The purpose of this design is to avoid the danger of harm to the human body or the human body directly falling to the ground during exercise when the ball is blasted instantaneously. When children, patients or disabled persons use this product, they must be assisted or supervised.
  • Please do moderate warm-up exercises before exercising
  • When children, patients or people with disabilities use this product, someone must assist or supervise