MC-580 Segmental Body Composition Analyzer

  • FDA Cleared Multi-frequency segmental body composition analyzer – providing highly accurate whole body and segmental measurements
  • Instantly analyze a client’s health and fitness status , print to a thermal printer , or send to compatible software programme.
  • Integrated Bluetooth radio wireless , seamlessly transmits all test result.
  • Compatible with Tanita Health Ware Software allowing database management and progress reports

Technical Specifications

  • Latest dual frequency 4C reactance technology
  • 10 measurements (segmental)
  • Portable (7,5 kg)
  • Battery & Adapter
  • Bluetooth integrated
  • Tanita PRO app, suitable for iOS and Android tablets (not phones)
  • Tanita Pro Windows software compatible (not included)
  • Max weight capacity 270kg
  • 100g accuracy
  • Connection to thermal printer via cable (not included)
  • Compatible with carry case for perfect fit (not included)