DR-K027 Post-Operative ROM Knee Brace With Dial Pin Lock


– Immobilization & Stabilization after Injuries (Fractures) & Surgery
– Post Operative & Post-Surgical treatment of the knee
– Post Traumatic rehabilitation after lesion in the knee region
– Sprains, Injuries & lesion on the knee ligaments
– Fractures of Femur, Tibia & Fibula


– Allowing the limitation of ROM on the Knee joint with Dial Pin Lock system for Immobilization & Stabilization
– Extension limitation at: 0 ~ 90◦(every 15◦) Flexion limitation at: 0 ~ 135◦(every 15◦)
– Easy & simple wear by Full Open Wrap Style
– Collateral ROM Hinges for lateral reinforcements, Immobilization & Stabilization with restriction of Knee movement
– Form Liners & Pads for the user’s maximum comfort & fitting
– Adjustable compression by Triple Upper & Lower Velcro Straps
– Divided left or right and the Length can be easily adjustable by screws properly