DR-B060 Semi Rigid Cover Type TLSO (Men)


– Disc Herniation & Degeneration (Slipped disc)
– Osteoporosis (Gradual bone disintegration)
– Acute Lumbar Sacral Sprain & Strain
-Spondylolisthesis (Vertebral dislocation)
-Spondyloysis ,Spondylitis & Scoliosis/Lordosis
– Spinal Stenosis (Narrowing of spinal canal)
– Discopathy
– Pre- & Post-surgical treatment
– Post-Operative Laminectomy (Widening of spinal canal)
– Post-Operative Discectomy (Removal of herniated disc)
– Thoracolumbar Compression fractures
– Damaged & Lax ligaments


– Excellent breathable & ventilated Elastic material for user’s maximum comfort & fitting.
– Light Skin Friendly structures for a long time use.
– Triple Side supplementary Straps with shoulder’s ones for adjustable & additional compression & stabilization.
– Semi Rigid Hard Covered TLSO by Anatomically Designed for Men patient’s use
– Allowing posterior & anterior reinforcements for Immobilization & Stabilization on Thoracic lumbar-sacral region & increasing intra-abdominal pressure with Spinal Shaped Back Cover Plate & Front Cover Plate