DR-A002 Cross Strap Ankle Support With Stays


– Proprioception of the Ankle
– Ankle Instability & Laxity
– Tendonitis, Bursitis & Osteoarthritis of the Ankle
– Mild Distortion, Sprain & Strain on the Ankle Ligament (Inversion & Eversion)
– Osteoarthritis (Degenerative Joint Disease)
– Ligament lesions (LCL/MCL Damages)
– Tibiofibular & Lateral ligament Injuries


– Allowing excellent warmth and Compression on the Ankle region.
– Neoprene materials for firm support & compression
– Adjustable compression by additional Cross Strap
– Allowing Collateral reinforcements on Malleoli with side stays
– Heel Opening for user’s maximum comfort & fitting.
– Easy & simple wear by Elastic Sleeve style with shoe.
– Adjustable compression by posterior upper Velcro Fasteners