• The massage ball uses its soft properties to consume calories, promote metabolism, and exercise the fitness function of muscles and bones.
  • It can massage the acupuncture points of the palms, soles and various parts of the body.
  • It is suitable for hand rehabilitation, strengthening finger grip and increasing hand movement dexterity.
  • Because the massage ball has elasticity and soft touch, it is less likely to feel tired after exercise
  • The massage ball has a soft surface and good friction, which helps children develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Parents can use massage balls to play simple games with children.
  • During leisure time such as watching TV or reading, self-massage for health care and full of energy at any time
  • Massage ball was originally a rehabilitation product, used to treat back diseases, neurological disorders, knee and shoulder rehabilitation, correct posture, improve patient balance and other diseases
Technical Specifications
  • Outer box size : 6.5×6.5×12.5 cm
  • Product specifications : 6cm&7cm/2pcs/box
  • Weight : 90g
  • Material : PVC polymer material integrally formed
  • Colour : green and orange